Checking Out Fiberglass Or Concrete Pool Construction

concrete-pool-constructionAfter making your decision to have a swimming pool installed, one of the additional decisions that you are going to have to make is whether you want to have it comprised of fiberglass or concrete. Then of course there is also an option to have vinyl liner pools.

Many individuals like to go with fiberglass pool construction, because they feel that it is more cost-effective and has longevity to it, plus is easier to have installed. After excavating a hole for the pool, a material has to be placed on the bottom, in order for the pool to sit on it.

Once this is done, the fiberglass pool arrives at the area in one piece and is fitted into position with a piece of heavy equipment. Then what happens is that the pool has to be totally levelled and after this it is then filled in around its outer perimeter with a proper material at the same time the pool is being filled with water. There are many different ways to go about the proper installation of the fiberglass pool, but these are the basics.

For those that like to go with the concrete pool there is some time involved and more work. All of the construction for this type of pool is done right on the premises. The excavation has to take place and then steel re-bar has to be composed properly and positioned. Following this, the concrete is poured to create the shell for the pool. Next are the tiles that are going to be used as well as a plaster finish that has to be applied with a trowel. There are many more steps that have to be taken but many feel that the concrete provides a much longer lasting pool.

It’s all going to come down to what your preference is and what is available through the pool suppliers in your area that you choose to work with.