All The Reasons You Need a Steam Bath

steam-bathGreat gifts and ideal getaways, spas are known worldwide to be a place where people go to get relieved of stress, to recharge and relax. Membership clubs and gyms offer spas that are some of the most beautiful, serene and quiet spaces. Saunas and steam baths provide all types of services, administered by qualified individuals, including a variety of relaxation inducing products and treatments. Many people have opted to create a space of their own that promises the same therapeutic relaxation, often in the form of a sauna or hot tub. Although both saunas and hot tubs are great options for personal spas, nowadays steam baths have quickly risen in popularity and here’s why.

Many people understand that steam baths work similarly to saunas, using heat to pull impurities out of the body and provide a detox effect. The difference is that steam baths use wet heat as opposed to the dry heat. You are still relieving impurities from the body, reinvigorating your skin and cleansing the skin intensively, but the wet heat allows for an even deeper clean, opening your skin pores and washing away impurities. A completely different experience, installing a steam bath uses stone or ceramic as opposed to cedar in a sauna, making them more modern in their appearance and design.

The purpose of wet heat is to create an abundance of moisture, even to the point of dripping off the walls and ceiling. The clean steam clears the lungs and can be extremely beneficial for lung maintenance or disorders, creating an at home therapeutic treatment. The medical benefits are endless as in response to the heat, your blood vessels will get bigger and blood flow increases, increasing oxygen and nutrients to the brain and other areas of the body. Investing in a steam bath has become much more affordable in modern days and the benefits listed above are becoming more well known.